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Hi, my name is Kristi Daniel

 Stretching Your Faith is a blog devoted to your spiritual growth with over 275 devotions that apply to your everyday life and to finding the truth behind hard to answer Biblical questions. I believe the word of God, the Bible, to be completely without error and I have discovered every Biblical contradiction that I have researched to have a common misunderstanding of the times and culture in which the Bible was written. Our tendency is to view scripture using our own culture as a guide, but most contradictions are found to be from our failure to remember the Bible was written thousands of years ago and with different cultural values. I would love to hear from you about the great things God has done in your life or any Biblical question that concerns you.
Decipher The Hidden Truth


I have always loved the Indiana Jones movies and his quest for historical artifacts, thinking, one day the cup Jesus drank from at the last supper would finally be found. But my religious foundations were shaken to the core as I read internet articles indicating the Holy Grail was not a cup or chalice, but a woman! A woman married to Jesus! I thought, how could this be? Everyone knows Jesus was celibate.

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