How Jesus loved

Jesus said, “…love one another, even as I have loved you…” John 13:34. Think about it, what you have read about the life of Jesus?  Think about the way He showed love to others.

A few ways that I have found is, He was not too good to talk to the outcast woman at the well, in John 4. He took time out of His busy day to stop for one person, in Luke 8:43. He also showed love in the garden when He healed the soldiers ear, bringing peace instead of war, in Luke 22:51.

Are you like Jesus in these areas? Do you treat the homeless different than others? Do you hurriedly pass by a need because you are too busy? Do you promote peace or insist on being right?  Let each of us be like Jesus in the way we treat all people, always with love and respect.

3 thoughts on “How Jesus loved

  1. True indeed, Kristi. If we are to emulate our Lord, then we need to show it in actions. Jesus was “no respecter” of people, and we need to have the same attitude. God created them all and died for all. Thank you for this much needed reminder.


  2. The Holy Spirit convicted me about this years ago. “Welcome strangers into your home.” We have a Christmas open house where all are welcome.

    Last year we welcomed two strangers to spend the holidays with us.

    Since May, we have had a young lady living with us who is paying her own way through school. She lives here free of charge. We have two others living here as well, adults who needed a place to live for six months.

    I’m grateful for what He has given me and gladly share it with love.


  3. What you have written is so true. It was something we all need to hear. Jesus was the perfect example for us to follow. God created us all the same. We need to be mindful and treat all people the same. Thank you for a wonderful post.


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