“Lettuce meat olive your expectations,” stated a sign in front of the fast food restaurant.

Even though this is a funny play on words it is a true testimony on how we want all of our expectations met, not only in our daily life but also in our spiritual life. We look to Jesus to answer our every prayer and are confused when things do not turn out like we expect, but God has His own way of doing things and usually it is not how we would do it.

There is a man in the Old Testament who almost did not get his healing because he expected to be healed in a certain way. In 2 Kings 5:1-15, Naaman was a leper who traveled to the Prophet Elisha to be healed of his leprosy. Elisha told him to wash in the Jordan to be healed, but he became furious because he expected the prophet to come out and pray and wave his hand over him. He became angry because his expectations were not met.

Let us be followers who are thankful for the answer, not angry with the delivery.

5 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. I love 1 and 2 Kings and am always thrilled when devotions are derived from them. The story of Naaman is definitely one to learn from as he let his anger get in his way. However … and a great followup to this devotion … is how Naaman listened to the wise counsel of his aides and ended up doing the right thing. But you’re correct, at the first, he was not a happy camper. So much like us! Excellent message to begin the day, thank you.

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  2. This week I had lunch with two other moms who have lost young adults, lone in war and one to cancer. We all agree that we miss our kids, but we are grateful for the deeper relationship with the Lord which has been the result of our grief. We rely on Him more than ever before. We sought Him in our pain, and we delight in His grace and peace.

    This is not the way we would have liked to grow, but we didn’t get to choose our circumstances. We do get to choose our reactions to those circumstances.

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