Gossip, it flies off the tongue in an instant. Before we even realize it we have not only told of someone’s mistakes but have enjoyed doing so. The Bible says in James 3 the tongue is set on fire from hell, that is just what the devil wants. Why?

Because it keeps us from loving one another. When we know another’s secret or indiscretion and we tell others, we are not showing love but starting conflict. When we choose to love instead we are actually saving that one’s soul.

James 5:10-20 states, anyone who turns a sinner saves his soul and covers a multitude of sins. Notice it did not say ones spirit, which only God can do, but ones soul. The soul is a person’s mind, will and emotions. When we show love to them instead of gossiping about them it helps them get control of their emotions, focus their mind and change their will to the appropriate way.

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