No Desire, No Temptation

“When there is no desire, there is no temptation,” the preacher said.

Although temptation usually comes from outside sources, your mind plays a key role in avoiding the temptation.

When you keep a positive outlook in all areas of your life it is harder for temptation to gain a foothold. If you are unhappy with your job, the temptation to trash talk the company is unavoidable. If you are not happy in your marriage, when the new co-worker is added to the team, the temptation will be much harder to resist.

One way to maintain a positive outlook is to remember God  is ultimately in control of all of our circumstances.

The thing you find so irritating is the very thing God is using to change you into the image of Christ.

Thinking about why the circumstance irritates you will help you to find what attitude needs changing and after you change you will find it no longer bothers you.

3 thoughts on “No Desire, No Temptation

  1. This were some really profound statements in this post. God is interested in changing us into his image. We might think its the other person that needs to change to meet our expectations, but we are sadly mistaking. This post can surely put us all on the right track for a positive change.

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