The New Norm

When discussing his recent marriage to longtime girlfriend, Carson Daily said, “We are the new norm.”

The thing I find interesting about this is, he and his wife have been together for 10 years and have three children, with one on the way.

He is correct!  Today living together and having children out of wedlock is the new norm. While we as Christians know the benefits to a commitment of marriage, , we must be careful not to exclude people who live like this.

One might say, “It is not Biblical for couples to live together, how do we ignore that?”

I am not suggesting we ignore the Biblical principle of marriage. I am saying that we are to love people where they are, gently showing them the ways of our faith, allowing them to decide what is right for their life.

Many people will come to our churches looking for love, but sadly walk away when the church people try to enforce rules and regulations that God has not yet convicted them of.

Father, please help us to love people like Jesus did, accepting them where they are in their life right now.


3 thoughts on “The New Norm

  1. But if the doctor did nothing except offer love, the sick wouldn’t be helped much. When I was desperately sick, I needed a doctor to take a knife to me. Week after week I was sent home to hurt more and soon die if I didn’t get real help! “Doctor, please get this straightened out or I’m going to die.” The hesitancy was because of my age. No one wanted to be responsible! Christian living is so much more than platitudes! How much we need the mind of Christ!


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