Walking The Walk

There is a lot of information available on websites and blogs concerning our walk with God.

Although gaining insight and instruction from others is profitable, its is very important that you walk your own walk before God.

God has an individual plan for each of us and each persons plan is different from one another.

In Isaiah 29:13 God says of the people; “…their reverence for Me consists of tradition learned by rote…”

God is looking for those who will walk by the Spirit and not by what other people do. There is no majic formula, only listening to the voice of God and walking it out.

Father, please help us walk our own walk before you. Give us ears to hear your Holy Spirit and give us the strength and the courage to do what you want, even if it has not been done before. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.



One thought on “Walking The Walk

  1. Totally agree. Thank you for reminding us. Although our walk is individual in the sense of his specific plan for us and the circumstances we encounter, God’s requirement of us, or tips to make our life victorious, is standard, or general (e.g walk in love, pray etc), so I would imagine and hope other Christians (me and you included) are seeking to encourage others in those general terms, or sharing our individual experiences to encourage others in and through theirs.

    BTW – I love the way you are able to pack so much into your posts with an economy of words – a gift which sadly I lack 😦

    Have a blessed weekend.


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