Abe’s Lesson 2

When I posted Abe’s Lesson on Febrary 15,2016, I stated that I know the teaching of today that it is a picture of God providing Jesus as a sacrifice for us. I should have also added of Abrahams faith being tested.

I was in no way stating that this was not true, in fact I have another post on Abrahams faith and the sacrifice of Isaac. (You can read it by clicking on the link below)


The intent of the devotion is to think beyond the lessons we already know to develop a deeper understanding of the nature of God.

What was the significance for it in Abrahams time?

Yes, it was a test in Abrahams faith. But there can also be many  reasons for what is being taught.

Abe was the leader of the beginings of a new nation, even though it was only his family, and God wanted his family to follow the true God, not the false god’s of the land.

God was also teaching Abraham at that time, in his life, that He was a God unlike the god’s he had been serving and that He would provide His own sacrifices and not ask people to sacrifice their children.

It was a lesson on the greatness of our God, one who provides, one who loves people, one who is willing to talk to His followers, to teach Abraham that this God is much better than the god’s he had been serving.

I hope this clears up any confusion on the matter. The purpose of Stretching Your Faith is to stretch your faith beyond where you previously are!

Father, help us I pray to always be looking for the hidden truths in your word, so You can build our faith more and more. In Jesus name, amen.