Yesterday I received this comment and I would like to answer it in this post today.

“Can you talk about your process for getting inside the text? Just read? Sit with it in worship? talk to a priest/pastor? read commentary? Maybe you covered that in another post.”

Everyone has their own particular style of study and you will discover the right method for you when form a habit of study, but understanding the Bible only comes from the Spirit of God, if you have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, then the Holy Spirit of God lives in you and will give you understanding into the truth of His word, if you have not, then the Bible will always remain to you a clouded mystery.

Always begin study with asking God to reveal the truth of His word to you.

Personally, my favorite way to study is by answering controversial questions.

When I find a questionable scripture or have seen one online, I first form it into a question and write it out in a notebook. Then I attempt to answer it by reading relevant scriptures, books and commentaries. I use both the Websters and Hebrew dictionaries, looking up the meaning to the words in question. I also have the Blue Letter Bible app on my phone, which gives each Bible verse with commentaries and dictionary meanings.

Here is an example of how I studied a contraversary common during Christmas time, “Why are the names of Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew 1 and Luke 3 different?”

In this case I wrote every name in Jesus’ genealogy out on paper, side by side, finding all of the names being the same until King David’s sons. You can read the result in the link below.

Bible study takes time, and truth is revealed little by little. I study many different subjects at a once putting them aside for a time, waiting for the Holy Spirit to reveal another aspect to the answer, then picking it up again until I have the answer.

We must remember only God has all the truth and answers, so even if  you think you have arrived at the answer and am confident it is true, do not dismiss any new revelation as false, but study the subject again and prove whether it can be added to what you have already learned or whether it should be dismissed.

I hope this answers your question and helps in your desire to study the Bible. God wants us to delve into His word learning all of it because it helps us to understand His character and His great love for us.

Psalm 119:160, “The entirety of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever.”

5 thoughts on “Study

  1. Lately, I’ve been drawing, coloring as I do my devotion. I get the verse that has spoken to me, then I write or doodle on my notebook. I color it, paint it, anything to make it pretty.This has helped me a lot to be consistent in my devotion because I get excited on the verses I’d draw in the end.

    I think integrating your gifts or the things that you love into your quiet time with the Lord can help greatly. Ex. if you like music, you can record or sing a song that is related to the text you’ve just read, or write lyrics for a new song according to the text. =) If you love designing, maybe design a picture you can share in social media. It’s a fun experience. =) Here’s a sample:


  2. Excellent way to answer the study question. I study by reading the Scripture, looking up other relevant Scriptures, considering the context of the Scripture and what God has put on my heart. Sometimes I start studying one thing (maybe God does that to get my attention) and He ends up revealing something more relevant to what is really going on in my heart. God knows up personally (the hairs on our head) and what I have found is that sometimes when I don’t really know where to go for what’s on my heart, I dive in and let the Spirit lead me.I do know that I have to get another Concordance because I love being able to word study by looking up all the Scriptures for a certain word.


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