The greatest quality to have in life is to seek to serve others. Jesus Himself was a servant and we who wish to be like Him must be a servant to others.

What does it look like to be a servant? Is it to allow everyone to push you around?

No. To be a servant is to humble yourself and listen to their needs, give Biblical answers and show them the love of Jesus.

In doing this you show God as loving rather than punishing, which leads people to Him.

Father, help us be a servant to all, showing them Your love. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

3 thoughts on “Servant

  1. I agree with this, but I think we have some responsibility to warn also. This is a truth that is so religiously incorrect in our times. It doesn’t take much boldness to say, “Jesus loves you.” That’s about the extent of my boldness. I know a dear person who well knows the love of God as well as my love, but she lies consistently. How nice it would be to hear a preacher say what Jesus said, “…you belong to the devil, the father of lies.” How sad for the lost who were never warned. Definitely not religiously cool.

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    1. On re-reading this above, it sounds argumentative. Sorry, I didn’t mean it to be. I would cancel it if I knew how. Truth is that I read you often and enjoy your posts very much.


    2. Thank you for your response, this devotion is just one part of the whole of following God, we must take the whole council of the Bible. With each person we encounter we listen closely to see where they are then decide the correct response that leads them to Jesus. Thank you for following.

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