A comment from a fellow blogger made me think, what is appropriate boldness in our day?

To me this is tricky, if we come at them with a Bible bashing hardness they reject what is being said as crazy. If we come at them with sweet, Jesus loves you, then it is ignored because Jesus loves everyone.

The blogger commented, “This is a truth that is so religiously incorrect in our times. It doesn’t take much boldness to say, “Jesus loves you.” That’s about the extent of my boldness. I know a dear person who well knows the love of God as well as my love, but she lies consistently. How nice it would be to hear a preacher say what Jesus said, “…you belong to the devil, the father of lies.” How sad for the lost who were never warned.”

For one to be effective in leading another to Jesus, you have to take the time to listen to see where they are spiritually, then decide the best way to respond, and prayerfully it will change their mind.

Looking at Jesus, yes, He flat out called the Pharassees children of the devil, John 8:44, but He also lovingly spoke with the woman at the well, not saying, you whore, but saying, if you ask you can have Living Water. John 4:10.

Jesus correctly discovered where the people were spiritually and responded appropriately.

The Pharisees were not accurately interpreting the Scripture, which they should have known, comparable to a religious leader in our day, knowing and teaching others the Bible, but not living life in an appropriate manner. This person needs to hear, you are a child of your father the devil.

The woman at the well, she went from man to man trying to find love, she did not know where true love was found. She needed not to be told she was wrong in her actions, but pointed in the direction of truth.

Father, help us to first take the time to see where a person is spiritually and give us the boldness to speak truth to the person, whether it be you are being led by the devil or Jesus loves you. Thank you for the great examples given to us in Your word. In the name of Jesus, amen.