Jonah’s Anger

Have you ever thought about why Jonah was so angry with God for allowing a worm to attack the plant that was giving him shade, in Jonah 4:6-11?

I thought why was Jonah so angry over a plant which he had no control?

Then I experienced blinding anger over a situation in which I had no control and I realized I was just like Jonah, we both were angry because of wrongly placed expectations.

Jonah expected the plant to keep him in the shade for a long time and I expected to have a good day, free from hassle.

We all have expectations that when not met cause us to become angry.

One way to keep anger in check is to place no expectation on others or even in events.

When doing this there comes with it a certain freedom to let life go as it will, giving God a open door to show you new things because you are not blinded by the anger.

Father, help us to keep our life free from anger, freeing us to see all You have to show. In Jesus name, amen.