As believers we always run the risk of having the great zeal to do projects for God and even try to continue when He is finished with it.

We think, could this really be God telling me to stop? After all He did tell me to start it.

If we listen closely to the Spirit of God, we will realize the anointing for that project has stopped and it becomes labored.

Not that we will not work when anointed, but that the work becomes very difficult.

There are two types of anointing that I know of. One being a life long anointing of say a prophet or evangelist.

This kind of anointing stays on the person as long as they do not let sin separate them from the Holy Spirit.

The next, is an anointing to do a certain work for God.

He will anoint you for various tasks, like your employment or a writing project. In these cases when God is done He will take the anointing away.

It is an important part of following God that we are able to tell when He is finished with a project. To continue on without the help of the Holy Spirit is doing what you can do and will not change lives.

God has said to me it is time to stop the daily devotions but not to stop writing. I will continue to listen to the Spirit, writing when He allows, producing works that, as has always been my heart, change people when they read it.

Father, thank You for Your great anointing power, given to ordinary people, to do great works for You. Help us to always be so close to You, that we can hear You say it’s done, when You are finished with a work in our lives. In the name of Jesus, I pray.