Solomon’s Unwise Decision

The wisest man to ever live was Solomon, yet in his later years he was an apostate to the Lord. Why? It was love! Solomon started out with his whole heart devoted to God and God blessed him with much wisdom. His downfall was that he loved many foreign women. God had warned him many times about marrying them because they would turn his heart away. Because Solomon did not follow God’s command to stay away from the women, he ended up actually worshipping other gods.

Now, it was not whom Solomon loved that turned his heart away, but how he loved. Instead of teaching his wives the principles of God, He allowed them to have influence over his relationship to God. Adam also loved his wife more than the principles of God and it turned his heart away as well. If Adam would have said, “No God said not to eat it,” then neither of them would have sinned because Adams authority would have covered her sin.

In our relationships with others we must keep our relationship with God stronger, not allowing the feeling of love to out weigh the wisdom God has given us!

Father, help us to keep our love for You stronger than any other. Help us to be an influence to our loved one, rather than them turning our hearts away from You. In the name of Jesus, I pray, amen.