A Moment of Failure

I love watching cooking contests on T.V. and on this seasons Next Food Network Star they also had a show called Come Back Kitchen. On this show they bring back contestants who had previously failed and give them another chance. One of the contestants who came back is a young man named Matthew. His previous experience ended in embarrassing failure, and I admire the fact that he did not let his failure hold him down, but he came back even stronger and better.

There is also a Biblical person I admire for not giving up and that is Adam. After Adam sinned and was given his punishment, he did not give up and let his punishment defeat him, but instead he taught his children how to worship God. We know Adam taught his children how to worship God because in Genesis 4, at the time Cain killed Able, they were both bringing a sacrifice to God. Adam did not blame God for his punishment or say it is not worth it to try again or even say all is lost, he instead continued in his relationship with God and taught his children to have a relationship with God as well.

Father, help me not to get discouraged in my failures but instead use them to teach others how to truly worship you. In the name of Jesus, I pray, amen.