Act As You Think

Do you really want to be as close to God as you think you do?

The fortune cookie said, “To think is easy; to act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult of all.”

No, I do not get my advice from fortune cookies, but when I saw this I thought, how true this statement is. It is evidenced by the fact that we all think, I want to lose weight, exercise more and eat right but when it comes time to do it…well, you know! The same is true in our spiritual walk, we all think we are spiritual giants, but then when the testing comes, so many of us fail miserably. But we are in good company, the disciples were also the same way. In Matthew 26:35, all the disciples said they would not leave Jesus even if they had to die and all ran when He was arrested.

But there is hope, looking at the disciples lives we can see the acts they did after Jesus’ resurrection and see they were filled with a holy boldness as they were conformed to His image. We can also have this holy boldness, as we are conformed into His image by the renewing of our mind.

Father, help us I pray to hear Your thoughts, to make them our thoughts and to act them out. Give us the same boldness of the early Church. In Jesus name, amen.


Original post 2016