Why was Elijah Afraid Of Jezebel

I had always wondered why Elijah was so scared of Jezebel, after being so full of faith, killing 450 prophets of Baal. In 1 Kings chapters 18-19, after Elijah’s great victory over the prophets of Baal, he hears Jezebels threat and he ran away in depression. One day after a great personal victory in my life, I found myself depressed for a few days. I was very confused about this, wondering how I could possibly be depressed after seeing God do so much for me. I learned it was the after effects of an adrenaline rush. I was full of adrenaline for a few weeks with the situation, then when it was over my body went back to normal, causing a chemical depression.

Psychology of Today describes this as, “Post Adrenaline Blues,” saying it makes you feel, “depleted and prone to questioning everything about our lives.”

Now, I understand, Elijah was not necessarily afraid of her. I think it was more like he did not have the mental energy to be able to deal with her and God helped Elijah get back on his feet by giving him food and rest. Once again God provides the answer! The next time you are depressed after a great victory, take time to rest, fighting the urge to think everything is wrong with life and soon you will feel back to normal.

Father, thank you for providing all the answers to life. Help us to remember whenever we experience this to rest and remain full of faith. In Jesus name, amen.