Are You Content?


             “Not that I speak from want; for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.” Philippians 4:11


In life we have many challenging circumstances, some are easy to adjust, some are harder and with each new circumstance we have a wave of feelings that accompany, bringing out a wide range of emotions. It is God’s plan to for us to be content having the same display of emotions in each circumstance, whether easy or hard. Our temptation in the hard times is to give into our feelings, sit on the couch miserably thinking about all that is going on.

       In the life of Jesus we can see great examples of contentment. He determined to be the same constantly, no matter His circumstances.

       The Bible shows it was His custom to rise early and pray, to attend church and teach about the Father. These things we should make our custom but so many times when going through hard times, our first choice is to quit praying, stay home and be upset with God.

       What was Jesus secret? He knew that all circumstances work out for good no matter how hard they seem to be. He knew to trust God knowing that even if it was the worst possible thing, God was still in control.

       Sometimes it’s hard to see God in control while in difficult circumstances. Because we cannot see the end, nor can we justify it, the pain is much worse, but that is exactly when you need to believe in His promises such as Romans 8:28.

       To grow in this kind of contentment means to take God at His word and believe. Even if you never fully understand, God is still working for your good.

       There is also a contentment in our everyday life. When I looked at my own life, I saw a roller-coaster of feelings with every circumstance that came along. I was upset with everything that did not go my way, from the red light, to the one who did not do what I wanted. I saw I was never content unless everything was perfect in my eyes.

       I have learned if I can trust God is in control of the big things then I can also trust He is in control of the little things. Every circumstance whether good or bad will eventually bring me to Christ likeness.

       1 Timothy 6:6 “But godliness is a means of great gain, when accompanied by contentment.”

Father, help us to be content, knowing you are in total control even though our world is falling apart. In the name of Jesus, amen