There is always that one person in life who wants to challenge every aspect of your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. These people are usually unbelievers with enough erroneous information to make you squirm every time you encounter them, knowing they are going to ask you to explain the most difficult questions about our faith.

          God has allowed such a person in my life. This person always asks the hard questions saying, “How do you explain this…” asking about dinosaurs, evolution, free will, good and evil and the list goes on.

          This persons continuous questions have made me realize that I am great at answering questions a believer would ask but not so great when it comes to those who don’t believe in our faith.

          Gone are the days when we can say, “Because the Bible says so.” A lot of the people, if they have heard of Jesus Christ, think He was only a good, moral upright man, and that His disciples wrote the Bible in the upper room, and that God and Heaven is nothing more than a state of being.

          In Jesus day the people asked Him the hard questions. Questions about whether to pay tax to Caesar, if life after death was true and where to really worship God. Jesus knew the current beliefs and political situations and also knew the word of God well enough to effectively point them in the right direction.

          1 Peter 3:15 says to always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks you about the hope you have.

          I have been guilty of shutting myself off in my own little Christian world, learning the word of God, but not keeping up with current religious beliefs and political situations.

          When faced with the questions of the world I could not answer them in a satisfactory way for the unbeliever. I left frustrated and they left unchanged.

          It is important if we want to win others for Jesus to be well informed of the beliefs of the world and also of the scriptures that point to the truth. I realize that it is impossible to know ahead of time the subject one would ask about, for us, but for God nothing is impossible!

          Jesus said, ask and it will be given, if you are diligent to study His word, He will lead you to study about the subjects that will come up at a later time.

          A quote I heard, “If you don’t speak up you leave it to the unbelievers to speak what the norm is!”

Father, thank you for your word, your truth that you have left for us. Help us to study to be able to help the unbeliever see the truth when they ask. In the name of Jesus, amen