How God Views Slavery

I recently heard a YouTube presentation in which the host asked this question, “The Bible is to be the moral book, how then is slavery permissible?”  John Cedars, My top 10 most IMMORAL bible verses, Cedars’ vlog no. 124 7/4/16 The verse he is referring to is found in Leviticus 25:44-45 which states, “As for … More How God Views Slavery


A few weeks ago it was raining pretty hard and I drove past an accident. It was clear what had happened, the car had run into a dividing barrier at the tollbooth. This person was indecisive about the direction he wanted to go and at the last moment he changed his mind, right into an … More Decisions

One Of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days where immediately upon waking an issue arises that you cannot do anything about? This morning I faced an similar issue and then the war in my mind began. This war was between trying to think good thoughts or dwell on the issue all day. In prayer I … More One Of Those Days

Walk With God

         Many of us spend much of our lives confused, wondering what God’s will is for our lives. We are afraid of doing wrong or making the wrong decision, thinking if I do wrong God won’t talk to me anymore. But the gracious love of God is displayed all over the bible showing us … More Walk With God

Act As You Think

Do you really want to be as close to God as you think you do? The fortune cookie said, “To think is easy; to act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult of all.” No, I do not get my advice from fortune cookies, but when I saw this I thought, … More Act As You Think

Have You Ever Wondered?

About two years ago, while I was studying, I ran across a blog post called, “Jesus married to Mary Magdalene: a Historical Fact.” written by Simcha Jacobovici. When I first read this post I was in disbelief anyone would think this. I then asked myself, is it possible? Could Jesus have been married? Although I … More Have You Ever Wondered?

Who’s Theology

After hearing someone give their testimony, have you ever asked yourself, why isn’t my walk with God that exciting? I was listening to a Pastor who said he had talked with a person who was trying to teach him about Biblical doctrine, when he discovered the man did not know the Bible, but had been … More Who’s Theology