Have you ever wondered why Eve, when asked by the Devil in Genesis 3:3 about eating the fruit, replied to him, “You shall not eat from it or touch it, or you will die.”? God’s command clearly states in Genesis 2:16-17, not to eat it. The command does not mention touching it.

One possible reason for this contradiction could be because of Adam. Looking back in Genesis chapter two, we find that Adam was given the command before Eve was created, so it stands to reason Adam told her the command adding on the do not touch part. Why would Adam do this? For safety! Adam put a boundary on his life around the one thing he was not to do. He understood that if he never touched it, he could not be tempted to eat it.

Each day in our lives we too are tempted to do the forbidden and it is wise to add a boundary between the temptations we face in order to help us not to fall.

Father, help me put a boundary around all the things the Devil tempts me with. Help me to keep watch and not fall. In the name of Jesus, amen