Satan Is A Button Pusher

Satan is a button pusher and he orchestrates many events that push your buttons with such ease, it is as if he can read your mind. How does he do this? Remember the statement of Jesus in Luke 6:45, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks? Jesus is giving us a hint about ourselves, that every little complaint we have or every face that we make behind someone’s back are all tell signs of what is in your heart and Satan in turn uses them against you to push your buttons.

Determining not to show emotion or to hide what you really think and feel will not help because eventually he will wear you down. Because our actions are from what comes out of the overflow of our heart, what we think and feel in our heart must be changed. This is accomplished by identifying the button pushed and asking yourself, “Why does this bother me?” Learning everything you can about this attitude and in prayer asking the Father to reveal what the correct way to think is will cause you to change your thinking.

Once you change your way of thinking, Satan will of course tempt you a few more times, but because you now have the heart of God in this area you will be able to resist and he will eventually leave that area alone.

Father, thank You that You did not leave us alone to deal with Satan but have given Your Holy Spirit and Your word to help us live! Please show us the correct way to think in the annoying situations of life making us into the image of Your Son Jesus Christ. In His name I pray, amen.