Life Lesson #11

In Genesis 4:1-16, the Bible tell us the well known event of Cain killing Able. As the events unfold we see that Cain became infuriatingly angry with Able, but why would one event be angering enough to kill? This one event was the outcome of many years of not dealing with emotional disappointments in his … More Life Lesson #11

Jonah’s Anger

Have you ever thought about why Jonah was so angry with God for allowing a worm to attack the plant that was giving him shade, in Jonah 4:6-11? I thought why was Jonah so angry over a plant which he had no control? Then I experienced blinding anger over a situation in which I had … More Jonah’s Anger

Cain and Abel

Every time I read Genesis 4, the account of Cain and Abel, I wonder why God did not like Cain’s offering. The more I studied this the more confused I became, until I realized I was looking at it from the wrong angle. Usually we look at it from the offering standpoint, Abel offering the … More Cain and Abel

Religion Persecutes

  We have all heard of the many injustices done in the name of religious worship. In the early church it was no different. Because people who place themselves under strict rules feel a need to compell others to do the same, persecution can arise. The apostle Paul was such a person, he was a … More Religion Persecutes

A Picture Of Anger

While reading the Psalms I came across one that is a perfect picture of how anger rises up and spews out of our mouth. Psalm 39:1-3, ” I said, I will guard my ways, that I may not sin with my tongue; I will guard my mouth as with the muzzle, while the wicked are … More A Picture Of Anger

Handling Anger

When I was younger I had quite the anger problem. When I finally had enough embarrassing situations I asked God for help and He gave me 3 levels of growth or obedience on how to handle my anger. The first, do not murder. The reason murder shows up when speaking about anger is because murder … More Handling Anger

Anger Or Zeal?

I once had written correspondence with a person who had anger issues. He was trying hard to conquer his anger but could not get past the scriptures where Jesus overturned the money tables. He kept arguing that Jesus displayed anger, therefore it is acceptable. One thing he did not understand was the culture surrounding this … More Anger Or Zeal?