Have You Ever Wondered?

About two years ago, while I was studying, I ran across a blog post called, “Jesus married to Mary Magdalene: a Historical Fact.” written by Simcha Jacobovici. When I first read this post I was in disbelief anyone would think this. I then asked myself, is it possible? Could Jesus have been married? Although I … More Have You Ever Wondered?

Bigger Picture

Sometimes when the frustrations of life become so great we can lose focus on the bigger picture of God’s will for our lives. When I was a young mother I remember becoming so frustrated with the daily grind, all I could do was set on the steps and cry. I had lost my focus of … More Bigger Picture

The Question

There is always that one Biblical question that really peaks your interest and for me it was when my nephew asked, “How could there be light in Genesis 1:3 before God created the sun in Genesis 1:14?” After a few days of study, the Holy Spirit revealed the answer and that started a fascination with … More The Question


I ┬ádrove by a pond and noticed a reflection so clear and beautiful if I had not understood what I was seeing, I would have not known which was real and which was the reflection. In 2 Corinthians 3:18 the Bible says, “But we all, with unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory … More Reflection


Yesterday I received this comment and I would like to answer it in this post today. “Can you talk about your process for getting inside the text? Just read? Sit with it in worship? talk to a priest/pastor? read commentary? Maybe you covered that in another post.” Everyone has their own particular style of study … More Study