Satan Possessed

          We all have wondered when reading Luke 22:3, “And Satan entered into Judas who was called Iscariot, belonging to the number of the twelve.” Is it possible for me to possessed by Satan? It is quite a scary thought that this man spent three plus years walking side by side with Jesus, hearing countless … More Satan Possessed

Perfect peace

Isn’t it amazing how we feel different each day. Every day we wake up and we notice how we feel, sometimes we feel good sometimes we feel bad, sometimes we even have a certain thought or fear that comes to our mind. This morning when I woke up I immediately had a thought that was … More Perfect peace

A Salty Life

There are many different belief systems about God in the world today, even within our own Christian circles and it is tempting to share our views with all who will listen. A problem arises when one does not listen. I have seen so many well-meaning Christians, in their zeal to spread the good news, get … More A Salty Life

Is It Me?

Is it me or is it the Devil? How can we tell the difference between our own desires and temptation? I recognized the difference one day in line at the grocery store. I was standing there minding my own business and I looked to my right and saw a man standing there. I clearly heard … More Is It Me?

Opportune Time

Temptations never end, they keep coming around again and again like a scratch on a record. If you were ever tempted in anything, you will be tempted again with that same temptation, when you least expect it. When Jesus was in the wilderness, during his time of temptation, the Bible says in Luke 4:13, “And … More Opportune Time

Expect It

When you least expect it, expect it. As we become more familiar with the schemes of the devil we might get the attitude, “I got this!” We must not take a break but always be on the alert, watchful, because even though he is leaving you alone at this moment, he will be back. After … More Expect It


People always ask this question, can the devil read my mind?  No, he cannot, but the reason it seems like he can is because he uses the telltale signs that you display against you. Any slight moan, groan or sigh is an indication of annoyance that he will exploit to get you greatly annoyed. Haven’t … More Feelings

Flaming Missiles

Once you conquer a wrong attitude in your life you might think you will never have to face it again, but even if you have forgotten it, the Devil has not and will use your past against you at any time. Last Sunday I visited a new Church, hoping to find one closer to my … More Flaming Missiles