The greatest quality to have in life is to seek to serve others. Jesus Himself was a servant and we who wish to be like Him must be a servant to others. What does it look like to be a servant? Is it to allow everyone to push you around? No. To be a servant … More Servant

Willing To Give

When I passed by it was 5 AM and 42°. I saw at the Labor Ready, men, waiting outside, in the cold, for a job. Why do they do this? For the ones they love! This made me think, how much would I do for the One I love? Am I willing to get out … More Willing To Give


Thw wisest man to ever live was Solomon, yet in his later years he was an apostate to the Lord. Why? It was love! Love? Solomon started out with his whole heart devoted to God and God blessed him with much wisdom. His downfall was that he loved many foreign women. God had warned him … More Influence

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is hard to understand and even harder to do. I like to define unconditional love as; choosing to love and accept someone even though you know all their faults. The world’s way is to choose not to love and throw people to the side when they think they will be hurt by them, … More Unconditional Love

Many Ways

Every year, in my last Church, I would have a valentine’s luncheon for the ladies of the church. The topic in which I would speak, was about God’s love. Each year I would pray that someone would be helped by my lesson, but I had not heard that any had. After the last one, later that … More Many Ways

Our Father

One of the aspects of Christianity that might be difficult for some to grasp is that God is a loving father. We tend to view how God loves us based on our earthly fathers. For some this can be a great picture of our Heavenly Fathers love but for others it can be a world … More Our Father


Gossip, it flies off the tongue in an instant. Before we even realize it we have not only told of someone’s mistakes but have enjoyed doing so. The Bible says in James 3 the tongue is set on fire from hell, that is just what the devil wants. Why? Because it keeps us from loving … More Gossip

How Jesus loved

Jesus said, “…love one another, even as I have loved you…” John 13:34. Think about it, what you have read about the life of Jesus?  Think about the way He showed love to others. A few ways that I have found is, He was not too good to talk to the outcast woman at the … More How Jesus loved


For blogging 201, the most popular post. “We will always experience conflict, it is how you deal with conflict that defines your experiences in life.” Unknown author. A man enters the bus and proceeds to yell at me because I have not left the station on time. He continued to yell at me for a … More Conflict

Are You Running?

There are all types of people in the world with all types of personalities and some personalities we simply do not like. When we find these type of people we tend to do anything we can to avoid them, or even run from them. Even if we succeed in getting away for a time there … More Are You Running?