Faith Building

It’s 5:13 am, you look at your phone, “Oh no, I’m late, Oh God, please don”t let me be late for work!” You skip devotion and your exercise routine, saying, “I’m sorry God I just don”t have time, please help me make it to work on time.” You run to the shower and on the … More Faith Building

Broken Vessel

God chooses to work through all of His people, He uses us to strenghen, lead and comfort others. The amazing thing is we are all broken vessels. I was puzzled with why Jesus would work through one who is trying to live a holy life and one who is not, alike. My first thought would … More Broken Vessel

The Baptism Delima

Throughout the years I’ve run across a few that do not agree with immersion baptism. Most of them don’t know why, they just know that that’s what they were taught in their earlier years. While reading the Bible the other day I came across a scripture that made me think about this dilemma. Luke 7:30, … More The Baptism Delima

The Helper

We are all very familiar with Jesus’ plea to Peter in John 21:15-17, “Do you love Me? Feed My sheep.” While studying these verses I saw another possible reason Jesus would have for this conversation with Peter. God knew of Peters upcoming failure and used it to help him push through the feelings of guilt and … More The Helper