Does God do miracles today?

Today while listening to a sermon, I heard something I had never considered, God working a miracle in the life of Daniel and his friends. You might be thinking this was the miracle where Jesus walked in the fire along side them but it is not that miracle but another which we often overlook.

In Daniel 1:8-16 we read about the beginning of their captivity as servants to the king. The king would like to keep his servants well fed, and for whatever reason for Daniel to eat the kings food meant he would defile himself. He asked the overseer to feed them only vegetables and water and of course the overseer worries saying, if you eat only vegetables and water your face will look, “more haggard than the youth who are your own age.” Daniel asked for a 10 day test and at the end of the 10 days he and his friends appeared, “better and they were fatter than all of the youths who had been eating the kings choice food.”

The reason this is a miracle is because to eat only vegetables and water should have made them lose weight, like the Daniel diet some of have used today. But God performed a miracle in the life of Daniel and his friends by making the food they ate more nourishing than the king choice foods. Notice this miracle was not for the king but for the ones closest to Daniel and his friends. The overseer and all the others around them saw God‘s miracle happen before their eyes, because God wanted them to know the power of the one true God.

Do you think God does not do miracles anymore or that miracles were only for the times of the Bible? If you think about some of the many reasons God performs miracles, it is usually to show people His presence and power, His love and compassion through healing or His witness to others.

In Exodus 7:9 the Bible tells when Pharaoh asked for a sign, Moses told Aaron to take the staff and throw it down and it became a serpent, showing Pharaoh His presence and power will be known through Moses.

In Matthew 20:34 Jesus moved with compassion, touched their eyes and immediately they regained their sight and followed Him, showing God’s love and compassion to the people through healing.

In Acts 4:16, after healing a man the people said. “What shall we do with these men? For the fact that a noteworthy miracle has taken place through them is apparent to all who live in Jerusalem and we cannot deny it .”

The world still needs a witness today, we still need to show God‘s presence and power, we still need to show God‘s love and compassion, and we still need to be a witness, making it apparent to anyone around that God is still at work on the earth through the believer. Does this mean God will have us heal someone or turn a stick into a serpent? He might, if the situation warrants, but most likely he will work in other ways. For example in my life I have had many miraculous provisions of food, money, healing, protection from accidents and I could name many more. Every time those close to me hear of these miracles, it shows them God‘s power and presence on the earth, it shows His love and compassion for His children and it’s becomes a witness to them of God’s goodness.

Father, help us to see the many miracles that you work in our lives. Help us to tell others what You be done, so that they may see Your presence, power, love and compassion as a witness to Your amazing work on this earth. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen