A Lesson In Faith Building

It’s 5:13 am, you look at your phone, “Oh no, I’m late, Oh God, please don’t let me be late for work!” You skip devotion and your exercise routine, saying, “I’m sorry God I just don’t have time, please help me make it to work on time.” You run to the shower and on the way see a piece of paper from church on the floor, glancing down you see it says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” You say, “Yes Lord, but I’m going to be late for work!” After the shower you hurry to pack your lunch, throwing the items into the lunchbox and grabbing a breakfast bar you say again, “Please God let me make it to work on time.” Then you remember the paper said, “Trust in the Lord.” As you drive through traffic, trying not to speed, you hear a song that say’s, “Don’t worry your times are in My hands.” You say, “I am trying to trust you, but it’s hard, I’m late, how can I trust you when I’m late?” Then you start to think, I feel like the father who wanted his boy to be healed, and said “I believe, help my unbelief,” I’m trying to trust, but there is so much doubt, because I can see the time passing quickly by. Sitting at a red signal you start to think about the many promptings you have received from the Holy Spirit and finally say, “Please Jesus, I want to be like You and trust our Father, help me, I will try not to fret anymore.” You calm yourself, reasoning it will be O.K. after all it’s not like your late everyday, and begin to trust that God really does have all things in His control, and besides if I can trust Jesus for my salvation how could I not trust Him with my job? He knows it’s not good to be late for work. Then you pray again saying, “Lord, I know you care about me and my job and I trust you even if I don’t see You doing anything.” Then, like God has parted the waters for you, the traffic lets up and the signals turn green, as if He is saying to you, “YES! you finally got it!” When you finally arrive, much to your delight, you discover you have five minutes to spare. Later that evening, as you lay in bed, you reflect on the day and you then realize that entire mess was an exercise in building your faith.

Father, thank You for teaching me how to live by faith. Help me to be quicker to realize Your great love for me in my everyday life. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.