Father Forgive Them

When Jesus was having the worst day of his life, He did not say woe is Me or feel sorry for Himself, but He said in Luke 23:34, “Father forgive them they know not what they do.”

He could say this because if they really knew the ramifications of the things they do, they probably would not do them. Most of the time when people hurt us they do so unintentionally, not even knowing they hurt us. Sometimes when people hurt us they know it, but they do not realize how much it will affect us. Rarely someone hurts us with the full intent of evil, but if they realized in the end they will meet with God, they would not do it out of fear of punishment. No matter which way the person hurts us, if we keep in mind they ultimately do not know what they do, it helps us put the pain into perspective, making it easier to forgive.

Father, help us to be like Jesus being able to say in the midst of our worst pain, Father forgive them. In the name of Jesus, amen.