Yesterday’s post was about teaching children self-control. One might say, I did teach my child self control but they still did not grow up to honor God. In these cases it is because of free will. Each of us, by God’s design, has been given free will, and we can choose to obey or disobey. Just because the child has free will to choose, all hope is not lost, God knows exactly what each person needs to bring them to their knees before Him, as long as you can stay out of the way this can be accomplished.

What do you mean, if I stay out of the way? Because we love our children so much it is painful for us to see them experience heartache, and we often come to the rescue. We might give them money or bail them out of jail or even raise their children, either way if we do not allow the child to suffer the consequences of their behavior, we are standing in God’s way. Only God knows exactly what is needed to be done in order for them to cry out to Him. When they are allowed to suffer the consequences it leads them to ask God what’s going on, when God answers, it leads the child to not only realize He exists, but also that He loves them.

Father, help us to stay out of the way of Your correction of our adult children. We thank you that You love our children even more than we do and You will show them the way of truth.  In Jesus name, amen.