God Cares About The Little Things

Many years ago my husband and I raised dogs to supplement our income. On one occasion we brought our prayer concern about the dogs to our Sunday school class, to the astonishment of our friend who was a veterinarian. He was amazed that we would bring such an insignificant request to God and wondered why.

Sometimes we think that the God of the universe has much more important things to be concerned with, but what we don’t realize is we ARE His important things!

Throughout Jesus’ life He demonstrated that He cares about the little things that happen in peoples lives. In John 2:1-11, He performed a miracle at the wedding for His mother even though it was of no consequence to him and in Mark 10: 13-16, He took time out to bless each of the children even though the disciples rebuked the parents. God has shown countless times how much He cares for you and is waiting for you to invite Him into all your little things.

Father, help us to bring all the little things to You knowing that you care. In the name of Jesus, amen