A Grace That Is Greater

Have you heard the song “My story,” on the radio?

One of the lines of the song says; “For The grace that is greater than all my sin.” These words are speaking about the grace of God, that is so strong, it will forgive all of our sins. When we say we want to be like Jesus, as hard as it is, this means we are also to display grace that is greater than the sins committed against us. Grace is a gift defined as, “Free and unmerited favor of God.” This means it is not deserved and is never ending. To be like Jesus is to forgive without putting a cap on how many times you will extend your grace.

The devil is very resourceful with his temptations. First he tempts the one to sin, then he temps you not to forgive, and ruins two lives with one sin. There is no sin too big for the grace of God to forgive us, so there can be no sin against us too big to forgive.

Father, help us please, not to be pulled into the trap of unforgiveness. Help us to extend the same grace you have given us to others when they hurt us. In Jesus name, amen.