Extend Grace To Others

I love how God uses music to minister life to people, listening to Biblically sound songs is like having the life giving word of God sung to us all day long. There is a song on the radio that caught my ear, I’m not sure of the name, but what spoke to me were these words, “Grace wins every time.” I thought, the grace of God is so great and wonderful, that it not only pulls us out of the pit of despair and agony to bring us to salvation, it also extends grace everyday to help us out of the frustrations of life. When God pointed out these words to me, He said, grace from you to another will cause you to win every time also.

As followers who want to be be Christlike, we should also extend saving grace to people. Not just in the context of the salvation of Jesus, but also in the context of repairing a relationship. Most of us have probably heard the acronym for Grace. God’s riches at Christ’s expense. Jesus, by following God’s will for His life, gave up His right to live life the way He wanted to, evidenced by the struggle in the garden, to give us God’s riches of forgiveness. He paid the price for our benefit.

We too, sometimes, must be the one to bear the price that is required to fix a broken relationship. This means giving up our right to be angry and hurt by an offense, which would be the expense or the cost of repairing the relationship. When you give up your rights for another to repair the relationship, you win. You effectively deflect the fiery dart Satan threw at you, and if you can make extending grace your practice in life, you will make his darts ineffective and win the war of un-forgiveness and bitterness.

Father, help us to fight through the pain of offences and extend grace to others, so that we might show them Your kind of grace. Give us strength to win this battle. In the name of Jesus, amen.