Is Home really where the heart is?

You have heard the term, “Home is where the heart is.”  For 17 years my family moved across the Southeast, living in 7 different homes. At one point I found myself depressed,lonely and feeling lost. I felt I could not be happy without the familiar places I use to call home. I spent six months in depression while staying in one place and when we moved again I was determined to enjoy the new place.

With the Lord leading the way He showed me that if I would get out of the house and explore the new town, learning the roads and where things were, it would bring me happiness. He was right that particular town was my favorite place to live.

I have learned “Home is where the heart is” means, if you actively put your heart into the place in which you live then you can call it home, even if you are not in your own hometown.

Father, thank you for showing me this truth and that you are with me always no matter where I live. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen