The Wise Men’s Gifts Aided In Travel To Egypt

There is an amazing event of Gods provision for His own in the lives of Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Jesus, after having emptied Himself, came to earth as an infant, relying totally on His Heavenly Father to provide all His needs, and God did just that. In Matthew 2, we can read about the time the wise men came to visit the baby Jesus and verse 11 says they gave gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Even during Christmas we generally do not think about the practicality of the gifts given, but just after the wise men leave, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. The angel told him to take his family to Egypt, because of Herods threats of killing all the boys three and under. Joseph, being a poor man needed the money to move and God greatly supplied all that was needed for him to move Jesus to Egypt.

This reminds me of a time when I had cooked the rest of the food in the house for dinner, not knowing what we would do for food the next day, God graciously provided for us, by sending someone to our home with bags of groceries. God loves you and will always provide what is needed for you to live out His will for your life.

Father, thank You for being my great provider and help me to rest in the knowledge that You will always supply all the things necessary for my life. In Jesus name, amen.