Pray Before You Respond

During Israel’s wondering’s in the desert, recorded in Numbers 16:1-35, approximately 250 people led by Korah, Dathan, Abriam and On came against Moses. In verse 3 they complained to Moses saying, “You have gone far enough, for all the congregation are holy, everyone of them, and the Lord is in their midst; so why do you exalt yourselves above the assembly of the Lord?”

It is the age-old problem of people not liking the current leadership. Notice in verse 4, instead of Moses immediately saying, who do you think you are telling me I’ve gone far enough, he first, “falls on his face,” in other words, Moses prayed.

I can imagine he asked God if it was true what all these people were saying, wondering if He had someone else in mind to lead them. After he prayed he responded by saying to them in verse 5, “Tomorrow morning the Lord will show who is His, and who is holy, and will bring him near to Himself; even the one whom He will choose, He will bring near to Himself.”

It turns out Korah and company were only making trouble for Moses. The next day the earth opened up and consumed all the trouble makers and their families.

Before you respond to any accusation, first humble yourself and pray, asking  God if it might be true.

Father, help me to be humble and not to speak until I know for sure whether the accusation is true or not, and if it is true, help me to change further into the image of Your Son our Lord Jesus Christ. In His name I pray, amen.