The Dangers of Love

Solomon was the wisest mas to ever live yet in his later years was an apostate to the Lord. Why? How can a man so wise choose to leave the God who gave him such wisdom?

It was love!

Solomon started out with his whole heart being devoted to God and God blessed him with much wisdom, more than any other. His downfall was that he loved many women not from Israel, not because they were a different race but because they served idols.

God had warned him many times about marrying them because they would turn his heart away from Him to serve the false god’s of the day.

In 1 Kings 11:2-4, God tells Solomon, “You shall not associate with them, and neither shall they associate with you, for they will surely turn your heart away after their god’s. Solomon held fast to these in love.” And, “For it came about when Solomon was old, his wives turned his heart away after other god’s; and his heart was not wholly devoted to the Lord his God, as the heart of David his father had been.

Because Solomon did not follow God’s command to stay away from the women, he ended up actually worshipping other gods.

Now, it was not whom Solomon loved that turned his heart away, but how he loved.

God is not opposed to love, in fact much of the Bible is about how to truly love others, but He is opposed to allowing your love for one another to come before your trust for Him.

So how do we insure we place our love for God above all others? Simply by believing and trusting the principles of God more than trusting in anyone else.

By Gods design, there is an order of positional authority in every family, as shown in Ephesians 5:25-33. While we are single we are in direct subjection to God. When we marry the husband becomes the top authority, the wife next then the children. The children are to be in subjection to the mother and father and God. Likewise the wife is in subjection directly to the husband and God, the husband is the one under subjection directly to God. He is the one responsible for all the decisions made for the family, which is why Adam was also punished for Eve’s sin, in Genesis 3.

Adam loved his wife more than the principles of God and it turned his heart away, causing him to eat the fruit as well. If Adam would have said, “No God said not to eat it,” then neither of them would have sinned because Adams authority would have covered her sin.

But what if the authority is doing the wrong thing? How do I love God more when I have to be in subjection to them? By trusting that God has everything in His control, even if it doesn’t look like it, although this does not mean that anyone should stay in an abusive situation.

In John 19, while standing before Pilate to be judged, Jesus said to Him, “You would have no authority over Me, unless it had been given you from above…” Jesus knew even if the one having authority did the wrong thing God was ultimately in control and would make all things work out for good, even if He died.

We can always place God first by acknowledging that He is the one in control of our life and believing that He will work out all our circumstances for good.


Father, help us to place you first place in our lives, obeying the principles that are designed for our good. In the name of Jesus, amen