God Shows His Love In Many Ways

Every year, in my last Church, I would have a valentine’s luncheon for the ladies of the church. The topic in which I would speak about was God’s love. Each year I would pray that someone would be helped by my lesson, but I had not heard that any had. After the last one, later that afternoon my girls and I went to the mall and my youngest saw a friend from school. As we walked away after saying our greetings, she said, “Wow, God really does love me!” And proceeded to explain while I was teaching the lesson she asked God to show her He loved her by making her see a school friend!

God longs to express His love to you!

Now you might think this is silly, that you would need confirmation that God loves you, after all everybody knows He loves all people that’s why he sent Jesus. God knows that everybody needs to be shown love and encouragement and He chooses to personally show His love to anyone who asks. He showed Jesus His love by encouraging Him at His baptism, on the mount of Transfiguration and just before His crucifixion in the garden, and I’m sure He showed Jesus love in many more ways that have not been recorded.

God showed me love the other day when I found this card on the ground by my car. This is a special touch from God because He knows I love to hear Him say He loves me! 20151227_133942307_iOSAnother time as I was driving I looked up and saw, God loves you, written in the sky!

If you watch closely you will find that God shows His love to you in many way’s. He knows your personality and the things you like and He will give them to you, just like a smile from heaven.

Father, please help us to always see your love and encouragement. Thank you for being a God who cares and wants to show us your love. In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.