Your Mistakes Can Be Used By God

I spent the entire drive to work beating myself up over mistakes I had made the day before, but God, in His grace and mercy, reminded me that even though I get down on myself for my many mistakes, He can use them to help others.

In Exodus 2:11-21, Moses, when he was still in Egypt, made the mistake of getting angry and killing someone and afterward he ran to Midian and became a shepherd of the flocks in the desert. Years later, God used Moses’ experience of living in the desert to lead the nation of Israel out of Egypt, teaching them all they needed to know to survive in the wilderness.

Never forget, you will make many mistakes in your journey to become like Jesus, but God will even use your mistakes to help others succeed.

Father, thank You that You can do all things, even make good out of my mistakes. Continue to conform me into the image of Your Son Jesus, in His name I pray, amen.