Nuggets of Insight

Have you ever said to yourself,  I wish I had the insight of my Pastor or Sunday School teacher? I have, and that’s when God showed me that He will give His insight to anyone who searches for it! God has placed in his word many nuggets of insights for us to discover. It is … More Nuggets of Insight

The Main Thing

Years ago, my first pastor preached a sermon called, “Keep the main thing, the main thing.” Honestly I do not remember anything else about the sermon except this catchy phrase! Recently, I heard this exact same phrase and it caused me to wonder, what is the main thing for the Christian? Now some may have … More The Main Thing


Have you ever wondered why Eve, when asked by the Devil in Genesis 3:3 about eating the fruit, replied to him, “You shall not eat from it or touch it, or you will die.”? God’s command clearly states in Genesis 2:16-17, not to eat it. The command

Heart of Urgency

Not much is said about Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, but something I have noticed, he had a great quality that God desires each of us to have, a sense of urgency. In Matthew 2, early in  Jesus’ childhood,  Joseph was warned in a dream that Herod was seeking the child’s life and the … More Heart of Urgency


A few weeks ago I  was trying to purchase some items when I discovered my bank card was not working, even though it had worked earlier that day. I started to become very angry because I knew there was money in the account and I could not see any reason for it to suddenly stop … More Trusting

Life Lesson #12

If anyone could be example of the state of the human kind, it is Peter. Peter often spoke out of turn, was afraid of the unknown and he felt terribly disappointed when he sinned against our Lord. Why then did Jesus want to be around him so much? Because Peter loved Him. In his life, … More Life Lesson #12

A Salty Life

There are many different belief systems about God in the world today, even within our own Christian circles and it is tempting to share our views with all who will listen. A problem arises when one does not listen. I have seen so many well-meaning Christians, in their zeal to spread the good news, get … More A Salty Life

Life Lesson #11

In Genesis 4:1-16, the Bible tell us the well known event of Cain killing Able. As the events unfold we see that Cain became infuriatingly angry with Able, but why would one event be angering enough to kill? This one event was the outcome of many years of not dealing with emotional disappointments in his … More Life Lesson #11