Run Quickly

1 Samuel 17:48, “… David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet the Philistine.” We have heard many stories about David and Goliath, but the most impressive to me is the fact that when he faced the giant, instead of slowly walking out there in fear, he ran. Whenever I am faced with a … More Run Quickly

Sized Up

It happens all the time, I pull into a bus stop and before I even open the door, the person at the bus stop looks at me and then proceeds to turn and speak to the person behind them. What they just did, is size me up! That person has determined who I was and … More Sized Up

A Made Up Mind

            Temptation is a fact of life we have to live with daily, from hitting the snooze button, eating the doughnut or thinking thoughts that are not pleasing to God. We are all tempted in many ways every day. Why do some handle temptation better than others? Those who conquer temptation are those with a made up mind.           … More A Made Up Mind


         “Therefore you are to be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.”  Matthew 5:48. The first time I read this scripture I instantly felt defeated. I knew what kind of person I was and I knew I would never be perfect. As I cried out to God in desperation He showed me I do not have to … More Perfect