Can I Be Forgiven?

       Have you ever said to yourself, “This time my sin is too bad to be forgiven?”  I have!  Years ago there was a particular sin that I had noticed acquaintances committing. I held myself in such high esteem thinking, I would never commit such an offence. Then on the day of my temptation, … More Can I Be Forgiven?


My last letter about the so called “Christian gays” seemed to stir up a lot of emotions bringing up the age old controversial question, “Is a person really saved if they continue in sin?” The bible teaches us to repent, meaning to turn from your sins, yet I have personally seen professing Christians continue in … More Addictions

Why Not?

I was watching the latest Survivor reunion TV show when the host said to a couple, “How does it feel to be considered leaders for Christian gays?” I was appalled and upset when I heard the term Christian gays. I even said, “You cannot be a Christian and a gay at the same time, it’s … More Why Not?


           We can never learn too much about forgiveness because we are offended each and every day in some manner. Whether it is on our way to and fro, in the store, or within our own household. Forgiveness can at times be very easy like in the instance of a small child saying “Wow your … More Forgiveness