When we think of temptations we tend to think only the big sins matter, bur Satan knows Christians have a certain moral resolve. Sins of murder, stealing, and adultery are not really temptations. Knowing this he changes his tactics to tempt us with things such as worry, anger and not forgiving. The more … More Temptations

Stretch You Faith

                 What will it take to stretch your faith to the next level? The answer could be many things, but I have noticed one thing that can stop our faith cold in its tracks; that is not being able to forgive yourself for sinning against God. Years ago there was a particular sin that I had … More Stretch You Faith

Simply Believe

Simply believe in your salvation: Some live in fear for years over the thought of loosing their salvation. This fear comes because we have a difficult time believing God would love us and save us even though we sin against Him. We try to compensate by being good, when we fail we feel we do … More Simply Believe