Searching For Answers

          My favorite way to study the Bible is to search out the answers to seemingly contradictory subjects and during the Christmas season there is one that always comes to mind, the genealogy of Jesus.  There are two genealogies of Jesus listed in the Gospels. One is in Matthew and the other in Luke. If you place them … More Searching For Answers

Seeking the Truth

While researching many different Biblical topics I began to notice that every topic surrounding Christianity has a debate attached to it! These constant debates can make one sway back and forth in their Faith not quite sure what to believe. Because there is so much information available, it has become extremely necessary for you to … More Seeking the Truth

Believe in Your Beliefs

            On T.V. there is a show I like to watch called, “The next Food Network Star.” It is a contest in which the contestants compete to host their own show on the network. The judges are always asking what their POV, short for point of view is. Their point of view is to … More Believe in Your Beliefs