Walk With God

         Many of us spend much of our lives confused, wondering what God’s will is for our lives. We are afraid of doing wrong or making the wrong decision, thinking if I do wrong God won’t talk to me anymore. But the gracious love of God is displayed all over the bible showing us … More Walk With God

Run Quickly

1 Samuel 17:48, “… David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet the Philistine.” We have heard many stories about David and Goliath, but the most impressive to me is the fact that when he faced the giant, instead of slowly walking out there in fear, he ran. Whenever I am faced with a … More Run Quickly

God’s Will

We seem to think Gods will for our life is some mysterious thing we have to drag out of Him, begging Him to reveal to us but in reality we are given an extreme amount of freedom with God. In the Bible, God gives us principles to help us live the best life possible. These … More God’s Will

Who’s Theology?

            Have you ever asked yourself after hearing someone give their testimony, “Why is my walk with God not that exciting?” I was listening to a Pastor who said he had talked with a person who had knocked on his door. The man was asking about Biblical doctrine, when he discovered the man did not … More Who’s Theology?

A Made Up Mind

            Temptation is a fact of life we have to live with daily, from hitting the snooze button, eating the doughnut or thinking thoughts that are not pleasing to God. We are all tempted in many ways every day. Why do some handle temptation better than others? Those who conquer temptation are those with a made up mind.           … More A Made Up Mind