The Main Thing Is Love

Years ago, my first pastor preached a sermon called, “Keep the main thing, the main thing.” Honestly I do not remember anything else about the sermon except this catchy phrase! Recently, I heard this exact same phrase and it caused me to wonder, what is the main thing for the Christian? Some of you may have differing opinions on this, but I find that Jesus considered love to be the most important or the main thing for the believer. When He was asked in Matthew 22:36-38, which command was the greatest, He said, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the great and foremost commandment.” Then Jesus went even further and said loving your neighbor was next in importance.

Whenever I think about God and love, I always remember God’s great unconditional love for me. I use His example of love as a way to live my life, including having unconditional love towards Him. Have you ever considered you might need to show God unconditional love? I spent the earlier years of my life angry with God over hurtful events, unfulfilled dreams and unanswered prayers, because I believe without a doubt, God can fix anything at anytime and I became angry when He did not.

To love unconditionally means that you love them no matter what they say or do, even if you think they are wrong. It means you choose to forgive even when you are still in pain from the offense. When we encounter hard times we cry out to God, “Please take care of this for me.”  Sometimes He does and sometimes He doesn’t, but when He doesn’t we are often hurt and offended and need to forgive God, knowing He will use it for your good even if you do not understand it. Keeping the main thing, the main thing dictates that you love God at all times, no matter what, even if He did not answer your prayers or did not do what you thought He should have done.

Father, forgive me for getting offended and being angry with You when You do not answer my prayers. Help me to love you unconditionally every second of the day. In the name of Jesus, amen.