Did My Baby Go To Heaven?

It is amazing how God can teach you a spiritual truth in an instant. This morning while listening to a sermon, He showed me the answer to the frequently asked question, how do we know that infants, young children and the mentally disabled go to heaven?

In John 9, Jesus had just healed a man from blindness, but as He always does, He turned this healing into a spiritual lesson. He begins to tell those around Him in verse 39 that He had come into the world for judgment, explaining that those who see, will become blind and those who do not see, will see. Which means the ones who think they know all about God’s kingdom will find they are bind, not knowing anything, and the ones who do not understand, will gain understanding.

In verse 40, some of the Pharisees asked Jesus, “We are not blind too, are we?” Jesus’ reply was, “If you were blind you would have no sin, but since you say, we see’, your sin remains.” Think about this statement, “If you were blind, you would have no sin.” Jesus is speaking of being spiritually blind, in other words, those not able to understand spiritual things. Young children and the mentally disabled do not understand spiritual things until they are taught, and are therefore spiritually blind.

Isaiah 7:14-16, shows us there comes a time when children do understand spiritual things. “Therefore the Lord, Himself, will give you a sign; Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, she will call his name Immanuel. He will eat curds and honey at the time he knows to refuse evil and choose good. For before the boy will know to refuse evil and choose good, the land whose two kings will be forsaken.”

Notice the statement, “Before the boy will know to refuse evil and choose good.” This is showing us that even Jesus had a point in His life when He did not have an understanding of spiritual things, He had to learn, showing us that a child must come to a time of understanding before they are held accountable to spiritual things. In God’s eyes a child is not held responsible until they have heard and made a conscious choice to choose between good and evil.

Father, thank you for Your grace and loving kindness in comforting our hearts with Your truth. In Jesus name, amen.