Deal With Sin Quickly

In Mark 9:38-50 Jesus said a puzzling statement. If your hand causes you to stumble cut it off, if your eye, pluck it out. What could this mean? He did not mean to literally cut off our hand or poke out our eye, did He?

This puzzling statement is a picture of how Jesus wants you to deal with sin in your life. I like to think of this statement to be like pulling weeds in a beautiful garden. As soon as you recognize the weed growing in your garden you violently rip it out, you do not watch it grow and nourish it, but you take action.

The same is true for sin in your life. As soon as the Holy Spirit reveals a sin deal violently with it, rip it away, remove it from your life. One preacher puts it this way; “Anything that does not fit into the kingdom of God should be cut off and cast out like the cutting off of your hand or plucking out of your eye.”  Paul Washer.

Father, give us the strength to rip the sin away from our life, as soon as you reveal it to us. In Jesus name, amen.