We All Have Problems

Problems, we all have them.

Some are under the misconception that once you become a Christian all the problems will go away, but find they do not, in fact it seems like they are magnified.

Sometimes a new Christian is hit hard by the devil because he’s trying to get them to stop following Jesus, making things worse, making them question their choice in following.

Sometimes our problems are from the devil trying to make us angry with God, making us blame Him for things that go wrong, breaking our fellowship with Him as we wonder why.

Sometimes our problems are from God while He is trying to teach us lessons to make us more like Jesus.

Sometimes it’s even our own fault, when we are too lazy to change and still do the things we know not to do, reaping the consequences of our actions.

Even though we will always have problems the best thing about Christianity is Jesus helps us through them, whereas before we had to deal with them on our own. God has left us His Bible which addresses every problem we face, giving us hope in the midst of any problem.

Father help us to turn to You for help during our problems instead of becoming angry. In the name of Jesus, amen